Finding the right post-bacc program - is UCLA extension worth it?

Hello! I have listened to tons of your episodes, they’ve been extremely helpful! I would love some feedback on a specific certification program I am looking at.

I got a BA in English Literature and therefore need to do a post bacc in order to pursue medicine. I’ve already combed the internet trying to figure out if the ‘Pre-Medical and General Science Studies’ program at UCLA extension ( is a good program, but have found mixed results/opinions.

Some feedback details how several of the courses offered in the certification program are alongside actual UCLA pre-med students, and therefore makes the argument that the rigor is top notch. However, I’ve seen other feedback which essentially says anyone can take UCLA extension courses, and therefore this certification program will be considered ‘lesser than’ if you did a post bacc at a four year university instead (enrolled in their actual school rather than an extension route).

This program is much more expensive than classes at a community college, or other 4 year universities in the area (CSUN, etc.). I essentially want to know if it will be worth my time and money if I jump right in and spend ~$1,000+/class through UCLA extension, or if I would get a similar effect doing my post bacc elsewhere, or even doing an a la carte post bacc, etc.

Is the UCLA extension name strong enough to justify their hefty price point? Any feedback is very welcome, thank you for your time!! :slight_smile: