Finding Volunteer Opportunities

I’ve been having a really hard time finding weekend volunteer opportunities. I’ve gone through the entire onboarding process at (2) medical facilities already, only for them to tell me that they need volunteers that are able to work 8-5pm M-F. Is anyone else having the same problem??

Here are some ideas. Go to all the hospitals in your area (Including Primacares). Ask them if they have any volunteer oppertunities.

If that is a no, then go to nursing homes and other care facilities, they have docs too. I am sure they won’t turn you away there and maybe you can shawdow some docs

After-hours volunteering can be tough! I would try larger hospitals with Emergency Departments - the EDs are open 24 hrs, and they often accept volunteers to bring blankets and present a friendly face to cranky people facing long waits. Don’t be picky about assignments, either - even if they offer a bookcart job from 9-11 am on Sundays, that’s great patient contact experience.