Finishing masters degree?

I have finished all my classes to complete my masters but there is one glitch. To actually complete the program I have to do a comprehensive oral exam. The issue here is with the word oral. I do not do oral exams well. Ever watch charlie brown? The teacher was talking and all that was coming out of her mouth was whaa whaa whaa whaa… well when I'm in an oral exam that's all I hear. It doesnt make for a fun time.
In any case I had finally decided that I didn't actually NEED the masters anyways. So I was just going to apply to med schools and not complete it. Then to my horror I find out that one of the schools I'm applying to does require that once you start a masters you must finish it. Then I find out that this requirement may actually apply to most med schools. There are medical schools that will accept people with out a bachelors.
I was wondering does anyone have experience with applying to med school having started their masters but not completing it?

QUOTE (SundayS76 @ Jul 29 2003, 07:10 PM)
I was wondering does anyone have experience with applying to med school having started their masters but not completing it?

I had already completed my Master’s before I started actively pursuing medical school. One thing that repeatedly was asked of me was: “When will you/did you complete your Master’s degree?”
I, as a number of other people here, have completed Master’s degrees. To my great dismay, my department required both written and oral exams, plus a prospectus seminar, exit seminar and public oral defense. I suffered thru each step thinking I would never make it. Granted it took me a few years longer than some of my fellow students, but I’m proud of my achievement - so were my parents smile.gif
I would strongly suggest you go ahead and do the oral exam. Really, they are not that difficult. Most graduate committees work hard to make sure their students do not embarrass themselves, the University, the Department, etc. With a good graduate committee, an oral exam is often a mere formality.
If you’d like to chatter about oral exams or vent about being nervous, please, there are a number of us who’ll gladly share our experiences with you.
Good Luck
-- Rachel

I've already tried once to do that oral… The problem is not me not knowing the information. The problem is the actual exam I'd rather spend another semester taking more classes or doing the same exam in writen form.
I really had NO CLUE what the words coming out of my exameners' mouths ment. It was a horrible experience, and I could be quite happy the rest of my life just knowing that my grades were great for the classes I took. I dont' peronally need MS after my name… I already have those letters before my name… .

Thank you for your advice but I'd really like to know if there is anyway around this with the medical schools or can I convince them that I never reallly wanted the masters to start with I just wanted to raise my GPA so could I please not take that exam?

I think you will have to ask specific schools what their policy is. My understanding is the same as Rachel's. Med schools want you to finish your Master's degree once you start it. They don't look as favorably on students who start a program solely to improve their chances at application time.
Again, check with the schools you are applying to.
Good luck!