Fire alarm beep beep beep!

We were sitting in biology lab Wednesday when the fire alarms started blairing (ear peircingly loud btw). Our professor stood there for a second confused and then blurted “we have to evacuate”.

So off to the stairwell we trapse to find a bunch of freshmen refusing to leave the building “because it’s raining out there”.

So I mentioned that we may be on the biology floor but have no clue what some clueless chem student was up to on the chem floor. It convinced them to move out. We all hung out in clusters trying to stay dry and warm and speculating who dun it. A guy who did research on nano caps started a fire last semester (didn’t realize two organic compounds exploded when combined lol) so we swore it was him since last we heard he was headed up to work some more.

Today I am in chemistry and our professor said “I was going to light Mg to show you how bright it burns, but…” then he proceeds to let us in on the secret. Turns out, it was a PROFESSOR who was demonstrating something and triggered the smoke alarms to alert. I can’t wait to run into her in the hallways to razz on her. I’ve been giggeling ever since.