First BIG med school exam!

Yesterday was our first BIG exam in Anatomy. And I passed! Yay.
One down, I don’t want to know how many to go…
It really was a bear. I can’t believe I could know so much information only to get to the exam and realize I needed to know SO much more! I couldn’t have studied more, though I could do it a little differently. I understand more about how getting to that top score will take an exponential (not linear) amount of additional study to accomplish.
I understand why they say that med school grades don’t predict how good a doctor you will be. You can know an awful lot and still do poorly on an exam.
Being at DO school is great, we have been learning to palpate musculoskeletal structures and think deep thoughts about them as we are learning the anatomy. Today we learned our first treatment!
Did I mention I love school?
For those following it, I’ve added to my diary page (link below) with a little more.
The patient contact is very nice because sitting in those sciences, it is very easy to forget why you are there! I found myself showing up for Clinical Skills class (where we learn SOAP notes and physical exam skills and - get to use all the cool stuff in our doctor bags) and thinking “Oh ya, I am here to treat PATIENTS, not just learn science and take horrendous exams and fill in the scantron circles with a number 2 pencil.”
It’s a crazy life. Pre-meds: You so TOTALLY have to get yourselves here!

Good stuff! I’ve enjoyed reading your diary. Glad to see things are working themselves out. Because of a previous post of yours I’m looking at attending a special masters program which would have me taking classes with podiatry students. If all works out I will be a MS1 as you are MS4…just a few years from now…


It’s a crazy life. Pre-meds: You so TOTALLY have to get yourselves here!

Soooo working on it - your post made my brain cells tingle with anticipation!!! Thx for updating, its these peaks into ‘the life’ that spur & inspire!

Congrats! good to see you off to a good start! – At out white coat ceremony in October of year one, one of the speakers commented about “only” 40 more tests to go, (for first year) - He wasn’t far off.