first day of post-bac school

Well, it’s almost here.
After a whirlwind month of working on a $107 mil proposal, rehabbing, packing, moving, wrapping up work, and getting all the paperwork in for home improvement loans, student loans, student insurance, and a gazillion other things, school is about to start.
This week I attended the math review. Monday I froze as the majority of my classmates were 1-2 years out of college and could easily tell at how many degrees the sine of theta equalled one. I was trying to remember what a sine WAS.
By Wednesday I was answering questions on vectors before by classmates. This stuff was FUN! It was NEAT! (And the engineer in my life was kind enough to go over all the problems with me every night, making it interesting and neat and applying the gobbeldy-gook to real world experiences that I could comprehend.)
So this weekend I’m going to review some more math (on the beach!), and eagerly await Chemistry’s start on Monday. It’s going to be fast-paced: a test every Friday, but then I had biostats, epi, and demography shoved down my throat in mere 9-week terms, so I’m confident I can handle it.
We got out of math class early the other day, at 2:30, and it felt awesome to have the rest of the day at my disposal. A huge difference from my usual time heading home from the office at around 9PM. I LOVED IT! You should have seen the huge grin on my face. biggrin.gif
I feel like there is this completely new perspective of the world ready to open up for me. It’s like I’ve been looking at life through the social science lens, and now I’m about to slip a physical science set of specs on. And I’m excited in seeing how the world will look.
Here’s to exciting new beginnings–for us all!

You go Vera! Have fun–this is a great adventure.

Great to hear you are digging right in. Last year when I went to a post bacc math review I found that my math from 20 yrs ago was quite rusty. To the point that I decided to take intensive precalc 1&2 first. You go girl!
Shirl cool.gif

Vera, so glad you are having fun. My feeling was - still is - that schools beats all hell out of working. tongue.gif The exhilaration of learning is just great. Keep that sense of wondrous enjoyment; it is one of the best things about this adventure!

have fun Vera! I remember how excited I was when I first started and realized, “hey, I CAN do this!” And don’t worry, the math will come back to you quickly.

Good luck Vera. It will be over before you know it. It seems like just yesterday I was enrolling in math classes so that I could take premed Chemistry etc… Now I'll be starting residency in 5 more days!!!

If I did it anyone can! I distinctly remember taking the computerized math placement test. It was supposed to get harder or easier in relation to the number of correct answers. I knew I was in trouble when I started getting questions like…if you have 7 apples and you take 3 away how many do you have left?

Hi Vera!
Glad you're enjoying class. I can't wait to get there! I hope to be in a full-time post-bacc program next summer or fall. Meanwhile, I'll take PreCalculus this fall at my local community college. I miss learning b/c I don't learn anything at work, that's for sure.
Good luck with your classes!