First Exam Aced!!

Okay, so everyone probably aced it. That really doesn’t matter to me. What’s is important is that it’s over, and I mastered the osteopathic terminology as well as the other medical terminology.
And the first PBL case was great! 19 year old college student came in with low back pain after moving into a third floor walk-up apartment. So how does PBL work here at WVSOM? We get the basic history and physical and have to determine our own differential diagnoses and learning issues. Our learning issues started out with basic vital signs and what the normals are, and definitions of the medical terminology used in the history and physical. Then we went on to anatomy (bones and muscles) of the L1-L5 area. Later added nerves of the same area and their dermatomes. Began adding things such as an understanding of what pain is and the basic biochemistry of it. And on and on. . . . and I loved every minute of it! Then, during our Friday discussion period, we made our diagnosis. . . low back strain. Learning issues for Monday include muscle, down to the cellular level, and a treatment plan and why we would order what we order. It is so much easier to remember what you have learned when you constantly refer it back to how it relates to your patient.
White Coat Ceremony today was fantastic. It really is a fantastic feeling when that first white coat is placed around your shoulders. biggrin.gif

Congrads Linda!
It must feel soooo good - your in, your doing well, and its a great program. Keep at it - don't let up. I' wish you the very best for your future exams.
I hope to be there next year at this time.

I hope to see you here soon. Once your MCAT scores are in, they will decide to interview you, I'm sure! Let me know when you're coming, and I'll see if they'll let me be the student that takes you to lunch, especially if you think you're interested in the PBL program.
I know that CAPT 747 will be here in a couple of weeks for his interview, and when I asked, they said fine.
I feel really fortunate to be here at WVSOM and to be able to visit with other OPM members when they come for their interviews!
Keep me posted!

Congrats Linda. It must be exciting finally getting started!

Hey Linda,
It sounds like you are having great fun and learning at the same time. What a great way to start medical school! Instead of the massive brain overload that most of your colleagues around the country are undertaking, you are getting good instruction in critical clinical thinking and picking up some basic science at the same time. You are going to ace your boards!
Isn’t medicine fun??? smile.gif

I can't imagine enjoying as much the process of learning medicine any other way than PBL. It's amazing just how far we will push ourselves to learn when we make the choices ourselves.
And I look around at those in SBL, and while they are happy to be there, they are certainly already showing signs of overload.
Instead, those of us in PBL are laughing, learning, and really enjoying the experience.
And, PBL members even get to begin clinicals this week. For me, it will be next week, but that's okay. Only 2-4 people/day get to go to the clinic, and my first visit will be next Wednesday. Get to actually do the History part of the H & P. I can't wait!
So, for those of you still thinking about how to do med school, if you have any questions about PBL, please let me know!

I'm with you! We didn't start PBL until this (second) year, but I am really enjoying it. You're right, you learn so much more when you are figuring it out yourself. Right now we are doing Infectious Disease and Immunology. We know the basic science from last year, when it was crammed into our head, and now we are learning the illnesses and pathology. We do the same thing as you-- I.D. learning objectives, hypotheses, etcetera.
And yesterday I wrote up my first patient written record (we interviewed last year, but now we are learning how to do the written part)!
Anyway, I'm so glad you're enjoying it, too.