First Full Length MCAT!!!

I just finished my first Full length. My wife proctored it so it was timed. I improved!!!
FL#1: 05: PS 8, VR 7, BS 7
Aug05 MCAT: PS 7, VR 6, BS 9
FL#1 06: PS 8, VR 8, BS 10
A 5 point increase!!! I made sure that I had plenty of time by setting my watch 10 minutes earlier than the test time.
21 days to go

That’s great news, Gabe. Keep up the good work!

Good job! I’ve already had 3 full-length practice tests practored by Kaplan, + I took 3 more on my own! I started at 24 - diagnostic, and got up to 27 - full length number 3. I would like to get 30 on the real tests…
well, we’ll see


I am taking the Kaplan course this summer for the August MCAT. Did you find the actual MCAT to be more or less difficult than the Kaplan course? How did you keep focused the entire day–any tricks? How did your MCAT score compare to the actual test score?

Thanks for the info!!! Any other suggestions!!!

To tell you the truth, I could not find many differences. You hear people say that Kaplan is harder, kaplan is easier, I never paid attention to it.

What you need to remember is that you need to practice, their methods, your methods, a combination, etc. In reality, you may want o combine AAMC practice tests as well. Since they ARE real MCAT tests, you willl be able to guage the kinds of questions that AAMC tends to ask.

As for your other questions regarding focus. It was not very difficult because I practiced. I sat in a quiet room (there was some noise because my of daughters, my wife was proctoring) it helped me keep my focus on what I was doing. It began with the friday before. I did all of my shopping and packing on Friday morning. Made my lunch and then planned my route for my test center. I went around the house and turned off the radios and turned off the radio in the car. I put a backup newspaper on the breakfast table and then relaxed.

When I woke up on test day, I already knew what I was going to eat and that everything was ready. I reviewed my flashcards while listening to the relaxing sounds of the ocean on my CD player.

More to come… I have to go.

Thanks Gabe!!!

I have little more than 2 weeks left and I am planning on using it to focus on the flash cards and full length tests.


Whatever anyone else did, N.M.P.!!! Not My Problem. So and so forgot his ID? NMP. Someone does not like where they are sitting? NMP. I had my pencils, my pens, my banana. No one and nothing else mattered. I already knew where I was going to eat lunch. I knew exactly where the bathrooms were. I relaxed. No songs in my head. I just did like I practiced.

I made sure that I did not speak to anyone about the MCAT. The only person I talked to was a woman who was also an alumna of my alma mater and I was telling her about OPM. However, if anyone asked me anything about the test, I would politely tell them that I was not interested. Not even my wife asked me when I caught up with her at a street festival that was set up neay my test site.

Just remember, it is just you and the test. Nothing else matters and neither does ANYONE else’s opinions or problems. N.M.P.

Get in the zone and good luck. Remember, no studying from Thursday noon and on. And also, have a drink after the test. I sat down with a glass of wine with dinner but I was so spent and concerned about my biology section that I did not enjoy it.

Good luck, I am sure you will do fine.

I actually did have a slogan I used during the test from time to time, when I encountered a particularly tricky question.

“You’re so sly, but so am I.”

It made me chuckle to myself ever so slightly, and happy people think better, so I was able to discard any part of the question I didn’t understand as a distractor and go on with life. I did spend some planning energy making sure my test day was a HAPPY experience, and I think that helped enormously with the stress level and therefore with my stamina.

Go get 'em!

Thanks for all the advice!!!

I just got a 33 on my last full length. I am, however, still worried about finishing in time.

Thanks for the encouragement. This is my last shot-so I am unusually nervous.