First grade

I got my first grade back today. It was in chemistry. I was certain I failed the test, but I actually got a 103! I am very happy about it, but the amount of studying required to get that grade was enormous. I feel like I never see my kids anymore and it makes me sad. My toddler screams any time I leave the house (even though it’s week 5 of school), and clings to me when I’m home. The four-year old seems ok, but I don’t know what’s going on in his school as much now, either, and that bothers me. It can be difficult to keep the end goal in mind when your children bring things crashing back into the present reality. I hope it somehow evens out as the semester progresses, but I’m not sure I can keep it up if the boys don’t do well this semester, even if my grades stay in the A-range.

Congratulations!! Awesome grade!! My experience with school and small children, was that many years later, as 12 and 14 year olds, they could not even remember those years…

Hi, glad to see you doing well. When I was in nursing school or taking prereqs prior my daughter was little as well. I was very stressed because I always wanted A’s and studied a lot She learned to entertain her self because I couldn’t entertain her. Now she is 11 and I’m back to school, but I noticed that she will give up her play time even with best friends to finish homework or a project with no regret. We do set up positive examples for our kids. I try to balance my time with her, school, work, volunteering. It’s hard. Sometimes I feel and look like a zombie. The thought of having just 12 more weeks before the school break keeps me going. So I hear you, but we can do it!