First Meeting: Mid-Atlantic Group, August 2nd, Philadelphia PA

I think we’re at the point where we can officially announce the first meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Interest Group.

Since I had no complaints in the other thread, the date will be Tuesday, August 2nd at 7:00 PM. I thought this was about the right balance between knowing most of us have day jobs/don’t necessarily live in the Philly area and that we’ll also have work the next day. If anyone thinks moving the time forward or back marginally is a good idea, please chime in.

We’ll be meeting at Irish Pub on Walnut Street between 11th and 12th streets. Please consult a map, don’t just google “Irish Pub Philly” as Google will send you to another establishment about 15 blocks away. Also, please don’t confuse Irish Pub with Moriarity’s, another similarly-themed watering hole across the street. Menu is standard (but good!) bar and grill fare.

As for transportation, it’s about 4 blocks from the Market East train/metro station, and there’re a few metro stations closer besides. Good area, not someplace I’m uncomfortable walking at night. If anyone’s driving, I can probably arrange for a limited number of discounted parking passes in the Walnut Towers garage ($10), attached to Wills Eye Hospital. I’ll give directions to it if anyone requests. But I won’t be able to tell how many passes I have available until closer to that date.

If anyone would like to know about being a student at Jefferson Medical College, a good friend of mine from my lab just finished his first year. I’m sure I could get him to come.

This will be a preliminary meeting. We’re in no way an official group. We’ll be discussing what we’d all like from such a group and what we can contribute. Of course, feel free to come with any questions or thoughts on your unique situation that you’d like to share or solicit advice regarding.

Please RSVP now, and plan to RSVP again a day or so before August 2nd. I need to give Irish Pub a rough headcount of how many people we’ll be bringing.

Also, this is an inclusive group. Anyone with an active account here is welcome. I’m referring to it as Mid-Atlantic just for a degree of regional specialization. If someone from California has the motivation and wherewithal to attend, then they’d be welcome.

Note: Editted the thread subject. June 2nd has come and past. Meeting is on August 2nd.

Sounds good.

will be there, probably a little late though

Are we still on?

Was here but no 1 else was guess it’s not going on

I just joined but I would love to attend the next meet-up.

Sorry I missed this. It stinks but I ended up having to work. . .as is the case with just about every holiday and weekend for me.