First semester of freshman year covered??

When I was reading a FAQ page about AMCAS applications and entering college courses and grades, this is one of the questions and answers:

“Am I supposed to enter the grades I earned during the first semester of my freshman year?

Do not enter the actual grades you earned during the first semester of your freshman year when your grades are “covered.” Enter either S or U.”

Does anyone knows what this means???

Look for context. Is this under the heading of CLEP tests or bypass credits?

No, it was just on a general FAQ page about the courses taken section of the AMCAS application and how to enter various classes, grades, etc. In doing further research I think I have figured out that certain colleges and universities consider your first semester as a freshman to be graded on a Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory scale instead of a regular grade scale for some reason. I guess that is to what they were referring. Unfortunately, my college was not one of those institutions. Too bad because that is the one semester I would like to forget ever happened :slight_smile: