Hi guys,

so I am just finishing my first semester as a Post-bacc at the start of the long journey into medicine. I am 27 and retook the Physics I and Biology I courses that I had taken nearly 10 years ago (had done average on them at the time.) I worked my little butt off this semester and managed to get the following grades:

Physics I (4 credits:) 4.0

Biology I (4 credits:) 4.0

Biology Lab (1 credit:) 3.3

Overall Post Bacc GPA after 1 semester: 3.9222

I am quite upset about the Biology lab grade, and wondering if the 3.3 in this 1-credit lab would look bad when applying to med school and affect my chances at all??

Unfortunately this lab was very disorganized and I am quite disappointed in the instructors and the university on how they ran it, as I did work really hard in it. Is it worth considering retaking this lab to try and get an improved grade?? I'd rather not if not necessary and just take the higher-level courses instead.

I am planning on taking the Chemistry I and II courses in the summer, and hoping to 4.0 most of the rest of the classes I take. The average overall matriculant gpa at the medical school of my choice is around a 3.67. I am just a bit frustrated regarding this lab grade and wondering if it will hurt my chances to get into the med school??

I would appreciate any feedback?? Thanks!!

you are fine. Good job on the grades.

I wouldn’t worry about it.