First Week at Ross

Time is flying here…we are studying for BLS/ACLS certification next weekend, took a pre-test to see what we know from Semesters 1-4, getting all of our paperwork together to be in the October-December window for the USMLE, AND playing catch up on our physical exam and history taking, as the 4th semester students who came in from St. Chris were the ONLY transfers who had ABSOLUTELY NO experience in doing this, all others from the Carib, and Mexico, etc had done this during their 4th semester, as had Ross students, so we have been given a week to do it proficiently enough to go out on our first clinical assignment in 2 weeks. The thing is, it is SO MUCH FUN that I don’t care that I am behind. It is the clinical part that I have been waiting for, and the instructors here are great!! I’m still bouncing from house to house each couple of evenings, thanks to my classmates, as I wait for my financial aid to come in so I will have money for a room of my own…but that is fine too. Oh, and I am no longer the oldest in my school! We have a student in our class who is 49, and came to Ross after leaving a US school 2 years ago when his daughter almost died. Not that my age has ever seemed an issue, but its always nice to be in the middle. Miami is great, and I’m trying to revive my novice Spanish as many people here speak Spanish (by preference, as opposed to Texas, where they could only speak Spanish) and ask YOU to speak Spanish as well. Also enjoying the cuisine, AND the sunshine, beach, etc. It will be a great summer!!

Congrats on the successful move and on the enjoyment you’re having with your new school. Best of luck as you move forward!

I passed the ACLS last weekend and have spent this week in the ER at Palm Springs Hospital. Mostly elderly people from home and nursing homes, CP, SOB, syncope, etc. No trauma, no real emergency. Still, I got to see some really interesting stuff, especially since the majority of my nursing experience is pediatric home health. Wanted to jump in and intubate a guy…but the doc wanted to get it in pretty fast. This week it will be an internist’s office, doing history and physicals and writing up a patient. We started our UMBR course on Thursday also, and meet three evenings a week after class or clinicals to review for the Step 1. My goal is to take it in October and get my first clinical rotation in November. My twentysomething classmates are tiring out and complaining of tired feet before me, so this older BBW feels pretty good!! I liked ER despite the lack of trauma, but I suppose real life isn’t like “ER”! Fifth semester at Ross is a real hodge podge of skills and learning, so I’m really juggling. We meet for small group once a week to go over a particular topic, large group (entire class) once a week for our lectures that will make up the midterm exam, and the other 3 weekdays are for clinical sites, which change every week, just to get a preview of what we’ll see when we start our actual rotations after Step 1. Also, there’s studying for Step 1, and things like ACLS and review classes on usually one day of the weekend. I WILL get 4 days off however for the Independence Day holiday and have already bought my ticket to fly home and see my kids. Thats the only downer, is being away from them…and NOT having the time I had planned to be able to fly home on weekends to see them.

Hey Kathy Sounds Wayyyyyyyyyyyy Better than Basic Sci I would love to trade Biochem for ER LOL.

I do understand since I’m away from my kids too, but I have less than 6 months before I see em!

Keep us up to date!


I KNOW you would love to trade, but NO THANKS, not Biochem!! Will do, and keep IMing me when you see me onine