first week of classes....

Hi all,
I just started the winter quarter and I am taking general chemistry, general biology, and english 2. I started out very excited because this is my first time taking real prereqs. I got a little discouraged earlier because my chemistry teacher wanted to see my prereqs to make sure i took and passed the intro to chem and precalculus class. I got a 2.0 in intro and a 2.1 in precalculus. he looked at my grades and told me that they were very low, and that if i didn’t do well on his first exam next friday, that he would ask me to retake the intro class. I was bummed out after that. I know the grades were low, but i wasn’t expecting to be asked to leave the class if i didn’t do very well on the first exam. plus, i had trouble with my first homework assignment. It was a bunch of word problems, that i struggle with anyway. I wouldn’t mind taking the intro class, but it starts at 9am and with dropping the kids and my husband off at work before going to class, i wouldn’t get there in time. I knew this would be a difficult class, that’s why i was planning to work with a tutor a few hours a week and put a lot of study time to practice problems in the back of the book. I talked to the sceince advisor who told me that my school’s chemistry class is a lot harder than most places, but the students left ready once they got to the university. I can accept that, but i guess my feelings were a little hurt. for a split second there, i wanted to quit and take my books back. but then after talking to the counselor, i gave myself a little hope that I may do ok on the exam and not even be asked to leave the class. I’m still pondering this. I’m curious to know what you guys think! thanks for your input in advance!!!

Is it too late to drop the course without a mark such as “W” appearing on your transcript? If so, you might as well see how your exam goes.

Otherwise, if you can drop the course with impunity (and maybe your money back) I would consider taking that instructor’s advice and going back to the pre-chem and pre-calc courses. It’s hard on the ego, but it’s much much better to get a good grade in one of the four required prerequisites the first time. In fact even if you drop the course for a “W” and go back, it may be better than scoring a B- or worse; you can explain to admissions committees how you moved too quickly, realized your mistake, slowed down and went more methodically, and did better later on.

If you have a chance to improve that grade by taking a preparatory course, I would definitely consider it seriously. Remember that you’re not racing with anyone to achieve your goals; the only deadline is what you impose on yourself. If it takes an extra year but you end up getting into the school of your choice, perhaps it will have been worth it. But it’s up to you to decide; good luck!