Flash cards for Infectious Disease?

I’ve heard a rumor about flashcards you can buy for infection disease. I even know they’re supposed to be in a little pink box. I cannot, however, find them since I don’t know the name. Anybody seen 'em?
Thanks for any help!

yeah, post it here…I need them for summer semester.

I used Microcards: Review Cards for Medical Students
by Sanjiv Harpavat, Sahar Nissim. They were concise and logically organized. They gave a clinal case as well as pathophysiology, treatment and nifty study tips. They were a huge help to me this year.
Hope this helps,


Thanks so much for the info! I see them at Majors.

Do you, by any chance, want to sell yours?


If anybody wants them, I have several Excel spreadsheets for Micro. Let me know and I can e-mail them to you.

Hey mpp,
I definitely would love to see your spreadsheets! My email address is lupofamily@yahoo.com.
Thanks a ton!!!