flashcard programs

hello all,

over the past few years i have experimented with various flashcard programs but each has it flaws and has left me still searching for the ever elusive blend of the two. if it was web based or actual software is fine. i have a hp touchsmart tablet with windows 7 if it helps.

the two programs i have tried so far are:

  1. flash card manager

    pros: i like being able to rate how i knew the answer…how confortable i was with my knowledge of the answer. i also like being able to create categories for each lecture that enable me to keep organized. very easy to use

    cons: the ratings bring up the flascard again way too soon if you give ut a low rating. it only presents 20 at a time and if you rate 1 low then it brings it up quickly

  2. anki

    pros: goes through entire cards before you review.

    cons: review is scheduled too far in advance if you select high familiarity. no options to categorize by lecture. interface is not very intuitive to use.

    bascially i would like something that would give me the option to go through the entire category of cards for a lecture, rate my familiarity with the answers then allow me to go back and review the ones i am not as comfotable/familiar with in my knowledge.

    anyone have any good suggestions??


I use iFlipr for my iPod Touch. It’s okay. I don’t think there is much technical support for it anymore.

Pros: can make flashcards online, can import imaging and sound for specific cards.

Cons: It supposedly uses a system that judges how well you know the cards to determine how often you see that card, but it brings it back up way too soon, making it boring. I wish it had a way to set aside cards you feel you know well so that I could focus my review on the cards I only know partly well or not at all (which is what I did in med school with my paper cards).

I know iPod isn’t the system you have, but I figured I would put it out there in case anyone who uses the iPod Touch wanted info.

no i appreciate it as i was debating adding some gadgets

sounds similar to flas card manager…but with the opposite problem.

i agree with you on how i did the paper ones…i would only review the ones i did not know as well and put the ones i knew cold aside to glance over once again before the test.

hard part about that is man do you get some serious writers cramp from writing all of those cards!!!

I’ve never been a big flashcard person, so I’m probably not the best one to answer this.

I have heard good things about mnemosyne-related flashcard programs. A friend of mine used them for med2 and board study. I actually DLed the software but never used it. Like I said, not so big on flashcards myself.

OK, this is going to sound so ol’ fashioned, like sweet sarsaparilla on a summer’s day … but I actually like – get this – PAPER flashcards. Yes. The old cardboardy index things you buy at Office Max (or Office Depot or whatever). I prefer the mini ones (half the size of the regular ones – cheaper AND smaller!). And I’m so nerdy as to have found the perfect plastic bin storage system at the Container Store for keeping them nice 'n tidy in my home office.

Yes, go ahead, laugh at me, this throwback to the paper age. (I do, however, have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and an iPod touch … it’s not that I don’t like technology, I have just not found any techie flashcards that worked well enough for me to justify using them.)

Hey, but if you do find a program that really works, post it here! I’d love to hear about it, too.