For a 1 credit lab class- such a demanding coursework!

Taking pre-med classes at a CC. Sooooo I thought my Physics and Gen. Chem. labs won’t be as demanding since both are 1 credit each, boy was i wrong. I have a quiz every week for physics lab and report and for chem lab i have weekly reports and every other week quiz. I guess i shouldn’t complain since i’m getting my money’s worth. Well, thank goodness i’m actually understanding the lessons and thank goodness for free online resources like Khan academy- incredibly helpful. I’m debating whether or not to just do Physics 2 no lab and Gen Chem II with lab for the summer. In the Fall take Physics 2 Lab and Org.Chem 1 with lab. But my lab partner who is, older than i am, married with children, is taking 3 pre-med science class each with lab. I’m just going to have to suck it up and take Physics 2 and lab, Chem 2 and lab in the Summer and in the Fall take Org Chem 1 and Lab and start studying for the MCAT. Take Org 2 and lab Spring 2014 and Take MCAT in the Summer and apply to med schools. My goal is to take the MCAT before it’s changed. Keeping my fingers crossed

I found that physics lab really helped cement the concepts that I was learning in class. For that reason alone, I would recommend taking the lab at the same time as physics. I would not personally want to deal w/physics lab and o-chem plus lab at the same time (at least not while working full time).

Good luck!