For-Profit DO med school

I spent some time researching the DO med schools today, and I noticed that one of them is a for-profit organization. The others are non-profit. Do any of you out there have any comments, pro or con, about a med school being For-Profit?

This is a very controversial subject. The school that you are talking about is Rocky Vista School of Osteopathic Medicine in Colorado.

The issue that people have with it is that it is from the same guy who owns one of the Caribbean schools. And it is the first For Profit Medical school in close to 80 years. Some people feel that this is degrading to the Osteopathic profession. Since this school has not graduated any students and their first class just took the COMLEX, many people are trying to see how the school fairs compared to the more established schools.

The jury is still out but you need to make your own decision over it. The biggest concern is that the school will be more interested in making money at the expense of the students’ education. All of these things have yet to be determined. I have heard people love the school and others not so much. It still remains to be seen. Too soon to tell.

Sorry I could not tell you any more.