For those of you that used SDN MCAT study plan

Hi there,

I plan to use the SDN study plan for my mcat prep, and am gathering supplies. I am trying to plan for studying–knowing that I have two little kids, some work, some school, etc, etc. Did anyone out there use a 6 month version of this (I know not recommended)? I am applying next June, 2013, and want to take MCAT to be competitive in my app, but also want to do well on the thing, maintain inner peace (ha!) and see my family…Please let me know your thoughts. Is it better to just try a radically different approach and just do a prep? Like berkeley review?

I’m using a modified SDN plan over a six month period. I work full-time plus have a family. Using the SDN plan, I try to accomplish the content review according to schedule, but in reality I can’t always do that. So some days I may only make it through half of a chapter instead of a whole chapter. Once I finish all of the content review (reading each chapter twice), I’ll focus mainly on practice passages and the practice exams from AAMC. My MCAT study plans were derailed for this summer’s testing session so I’m aiming for a January test date.

Here are the study materials I’m using:

  • EK Bio (TPRH Bio as alternate)

  • Nova Physics (TPRH Physics as alternate)

  • TPRH GChem (EK Chem 1001 as alternate)

  • TPRH OChem

  • EK Verbal 101 (TPRH Verbal as alternate)

    Some of my early thoughts…

    EK Bio is brief in covering the topics, but once I start taking practice exams I’ll find out if I need more in-depth review. I like Nova Physics so far. The chapters are short and straight to the point. I bought the entire TPRH set at a good price from a student that took the course. TPRH comes with workbooks containing a lot of practice passages. Also, I like the TPRH review books because they seem thorough but not overkill. I haven’t used TBR because I found a good deal on TPRH (Craigslist).