For those who took the MCAT this year, how heavy was the organic?

I’m just curious. I keep hearing people say that it is getting lighter and lighter over time, with more of an emphasis on the biology.

Not that bad. I got an A in orgo 1&2 but it wasn’t easy. I took AAMC practice tests 3 + 6-11 and got 95-100% in orgo pretty much every time. I usually got questions wrong on things my orgo class didn’t cover. My MCAT a few weeks ago was the same way. In my humble opinion the orgo component is the easiest in terms of how much of the actual class you had to retain.

I got only one passage, very basic, and a few discrete.

But I wouldn’t plan it like that. Knowledge is very important on the MCAT, to be confident. But it is far from enough. Starting to “strategize” by thinking, oh, not too much orgo, may lead you to a score that will not necessarily satisfy you.

In any way, good luck.

It was bad for me. Maybe it was a fluke but I made the same incorrect assumption and studied heavily on the biology. I would suggest not making assumptions or trying to “game” the MCAT. Honestly, you never know what you’ll get.

When I took it, there was hardly any organic chemistry on it, though, you needed to understand the basics because I needed it to grasp some of the bio readings.

I had two O-chem passages. I suspect one of them might have been a test that won’t actually be scored, but that’s only a guess.

I had a full two passages and a couple discreet questions. They had already cut out Aromatics for my test.