Foreign BC

Hello everybody. This is my first post!

So here I’m… 31 yo, recently a US resident and thinking about a new career path in medicine. Crazy enough? Also a new mom for a 7 month old boy.)))))

After cruising around this site for a while I became more sure of myself and more motivated in my choice. Thank you for that.

As to my academic history. I have bachelor and masters in Computer Science both completed outside US but evaluated by WES. Tons of math and physics courses which are, as far as I understood, expired. GPA 3.1

Now my biggest concern - how to choose the right plan? Go to a post bacc pre health program to complete science courses and get ready for MCAT or get another bachelor majoring in Biology with all that. Timing is crucial and I don’t want spend extra years on unnecessary courses. Today called NYU pre med and ask them about it. they said that the most important for med schools are science courses taken in US. Now I reach out for you, OPM people with foreign degrees, what is your experience?

Very grateful for all responses.


Welcome. There are many threads on this topic. I’ve provided a link to one such thread - you might find this one useful. To answer your question, the minimum requirement would be pre-reqs (and for some schools that includes English, Biochem etc) taken in the US through a post-bacc or DIY post-bacc. That’s the bare minimum and specific schools might require more than that.…

Thank you very much!

No problem. The link I posted earlier was one of the most recent ones. Here are a few more, older, threads for you:………

And this thread from SDN, which I posted in one of the above links also has good info. But other than this thread, stay off SDN.…