Foreign Language Home Study

Not that I have an iota of spare time (well, maybe if I got off the darn forum), but I would like to revive my fluency in Spanish. I took 5 years in jr high/high school, and was fluent. I still understand a little - I was able to get back $50 that a gas station attendent tried to take us for in MX last year. But, I’d like to get to where I can comfortably speak with some of the Spanish-speaking patients I will encounter here. I think it makes both parties more at ease when you can share a language.

Has anyone tried any of the Spanish podcasts or Rosetta Stone (pricey)? I have so little time that I don’t want to waste it looking for stuff that won’t be helpful.

I know this isn’t a normal premed topic, but if anyone has any suggestions, muchas gracias!

I could use some help as well. It is amazing what you can forget if you don’t use the language on a regular basis.

I have heard that the rosetta stone works WONDERS but like you said it is pricey!!

I considered picking up the classes at the local community college but by the time I take 2 classes I would have paid for the RS program.

If you find a cheaper alternative let me know :slight_smile:

I am the same with French. I took it all 4 years in high school and 2 years at CC. Now I can read a little bit and speak barely any.

And I’m with AliJ…I have no time…well maybe if I got off the forum!

I’m leaning towards ASL personally. I figure there’s a high probability that someone will be able to translate for a hispanic patient, but in just the past few weeks I’ve had customers at McDonalds come in that were deaf (5 seperate times in a week!) and it was a challenge getting their orders. I can’t imagine diagnosing a deaf person and not being able to communicate with them. Soooo, my summer project is ASL I think. Well, who knows, if the baby doesn’t start talkin soon I may have to talk with him too! I have to get his hearing test scheduled soon…somewhere, in that overly packed schedule of mine but that’s a rant for another day.

I’m taking a spanish class pass/fail along w/ some of my other courses. I’m really enjoying it, but I realize that the time commitment might be restrictive.

Dear ones,

If you want to practice or learn any language, go to

It’s free and it’s awesome! Save your money =)

Oooohhh thank you! Awesome. I think I may go ahead and learn ASL because I think Susan has a great point, there probably are quite a few deaf patients that you will encounter and it will be very helpful to be able to communicate. It will also probably make you invaluable in a hospital setting.