Formal vs informal post-bacc programs

Hey everyone.

I know this may have already been addressed, but I can’t seem to find what I’m specifically looking for.

Quick background. 27 yo RN with a dismal GPA, 2.89(original major - Chemical engineering and German. Also started college much younger than my counterparts and much less mature). Once I got my life together, my pre-med advisor told me “You’ll never get into medical school”. So I went into nursing, have a decent nursing GPA (it’s combined with the engineering gpa because it was the same school), but medicine is my calling.

I’ve been going back and forth on the whole MD/DO vs ARNP. I was accepted into Cal State Hayward’s formal post-bacc program this fall, but there were no classes that would fit into my work schedule (I should also point out I got my acceptance letter 3 weeks before classes started, not giving me a lot of wiggle room with my schedule since many of the spots were filled). When I called the admissions office to see if I could start in the spring, I was told that the post-bacc progam was being cut after this semester, and if I wanted to be in it, I needed to enroll in a class immediately.

I felt a little overwhelmed and didn’t want to risk taking a class I was unable to commit to, so I dropped out of the program all together.

Now I’m wondering, is it absolutely necessary to take a formal post-bacc or can I get away with re-taking courses at my own pace? I need to work full time to support myself (like so many of us do).

If this topic has already been discussed, sorry! I just couldn’t find it, so links would be appreciated.

Oops! I posted this under the wrong heading. Sorry!