"Forum library/reference section"?

Hi Forum Moderators:
I apologize if this question has already been asked!! Is there a way to organize information in an easily-accessed format – searching is OK but it can be really time-consuming and then you have to use just the right keywords. Along with the “most popular posts” box on the “entrance” page, could there be a “virtual library” box for the stuff that posters ask about agains and again, whether it is for undergrad or grad?

Sara, this was the idea behind the FAQ forum; however, over time as you know that forum has ended up being a bit of a catch-all for topics. I know the folks on the EC recognize the need for just what you’re describing and are currently working to get more help for this and other issues, so thanks for the suggestion, it helps clarify what needs doing!

Thanks Mary – I know it must be a big job to keep every post in its place. BTW, I am SO glad I didn’t get a response from “PostCallMary”. What a SCARY avatar – I hope I never encounter her. I’ll take the Oracle any day! How about something gentler, like “PreCoffeeMary”?

Think of Post-Call Mary as kind of a warning label. It’s an indicator that the person making the post has had no sleep. So the avatar MUST be scary for the warning to d its job.

I love PCM. At the rate things are going right now for me I may start using her exclusively. Even though I got several hours of sleep last night, I am in a foul mood after a bad day. And it will only get worse. As Denise says, be warned!!!
PS pre-coffee just isn’t the same - there is not enough coffee to make up for being awake for 34 straight hours.