Free Kaplan MCAT ebooks on Google books (?)

Hi Folks

a few weeks ago I mentioned the free ebooks from Kaplan. It seems that they are free on goolgle books. See this URL on google books

Now I didn’t spend much time confirming, but they appear to be free (at least the two I have tried, which are Kaplan Physics and Biology. Some pages may be missing from the free preview, but it seems better than nothing.

If anyone can confirm, it would be helpful to those in need of these materials.

This might help.

A short explination from google.

Which would explain why when I was doing research for a class in college, I found the books I needed, would read part of them, and the next day I lost access to them. I think, keyword think, what happens is google keeps track of how many pages you go through and then restricts access after you hit that number. I wish it said how many, so you had an idea of how far you’ve gotten and how many pages are left, but I guess if it did that it would make it easier to steal.

Needless to say, you might want to test it out on a book that you might not use as much so you can figure out the best way to utilize your free exposure! And who knows, there might not even be a quota for pages, it says that the publisher has control of that one.

Hopefully that helped.