Fresh start, fresh take on medicine

Hi Guys. I was pretty amazed to see this Forum existed at all. To all who started and kept it going, thank you. To everyone else, Hiya.

I’m coming to this the long way round. Art Degree, worked in Film in LA, became an EMT then LPN in Seattle, worked up the ladder at Harborview:

Cardiac ward, then ER. Burned out. Did the dot com thing until I couldn’t sit in front of a computer any more. yuk!

Right now I’m at community college a couple semesters in (4.0!) for my prereqs for Naturopathy School. (ND, not MD) I have 4 more Semesters to go, and a supportive GF and kid. I’m 51.

Yep, I won’t be practicing til I’m 58, but its how I want to spend the rest of my life. The women in my family live into their nineties, so I don’t plan on retiring

Wishing you all the best and a nice cup of nettle tea!

Welcome and good luck!

Thanks! I just wanted to say I’ll be doing evidence-based work - No woo-woo for me

I know some Docs have a poor opinion of natural medicine due to unregulated practitioners.

I’d like to work alongside allopathics.

Y’know, I’ve done my time in the ER and saw very few heart attacks that were a complete surprise.

I kept thinking ‘if only I’d gotten to them years ago about lifestyle’…


I just joined here, too.

I think what you’re doing is wonderful. You’re an inspiration to me. I’m almost 41. I’ll go back for prereqs, etc., when I’m 42. I hope to graduate med school at 50 and finish residency by 53.

My grandma lived until the age of 96, so I hope I live well into my 90s, also. I plan to practice pretty much until I die!