From Double to Single Major

I was hoping I could get some advice on this issue. When I first transferred to a 4-yr institution, I was a Biology major. I then added a Psychology major. Because I am the mother of two with one in college and the other to be starting in September, I wanted to drop the Biology major (for now at least) and concentrate on the Psychology end since the classes are more flexible timewise so that I could get a full-time job. Do you think medical schools will see this as a minus, like I couldn’t handle the curriculum or something?

As long as you do well in the med school pre-reqs, I don’t think it will really matter that much. I’m not even sure it will show up on your transcript that you had any other majors than what you end up with. I was briefly a double major, and I don’t recall any notation on my transcript that I added and then dropped my second major. Some schools might note major changes on your transcript, so you could ask your school. Again, though, I don’t think med schools will really care that you changed from Biology. They accept a wide variety of majors. I am one of several foreign language majors in my class, and there are many non-science majors.

Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it!