from the beginning

my job closed and im on uneployment as a displaced worker. This allows me to go to school on the govt i have credits from a four year school that i left due to fixable problems i thought coild only be fixed if i left (never leave , you never get back)school. i would have two and a half to three years to finish undergrade then try for med school. im 46, will be 47 in dec this year. i have used every excuse to not do this in the past and now with the odds against me more than before i feel more inclined to go for it. the good thing is i have time and some money to provide for my family and the kids are out of the house. also like some of the other post i felt i couldnt answer why i want to be a doctor, but from the feeling i get every time i think i can and from the chill bumps i feel from reading these posts i think i have my answer why. so maybe i answered my question but id sure would like to here what you guys think and if anyone is even close to being im the same situation

I am in a similar circumstance. . .in both age and plan. I am currently enrolled in a PhD program and incredibly unhappy and feel displaced from my colleagues in that i am not an academia person but rather a clinical person. I have all of my prereqs except for BIO 1. I took Chem 1 but got a c so i would like to retake. My general GPA is a 3.4. My science GPA is horrible but one of my science courses was in 1990 and although it’s outside of the realm for being current it still counts. In any case I have to examine my summer options. WIll take calculus and hopefully find a post bac for next spring or next fall . I looked at CUNY/hunter and am waiting to send in letter (deadline is 3/15). I also looked at BrynMawr which seems awesome but i think i would be ‘too old’ to fit in nicely. GOod luck on your journey–just wanted to say there are many folks here in a similar place as you.