Full length tests

I’m planning on doing about 1 full length test a week for the 12 weeks running up to the MCAT. Planning to use a mix of the AAMC tests available for sale and the “Gold Standard” versions. Any insight on these two sources of tests? Know any better than these two?

I used the AAMC tests only. Usually took one about every other week starting somewhere in Feb after I had gone through all my examkrackers material. I studied hard and used the tests to assess my weak spots and get used to the format. Took the MCAT once and was happy with my score.

I am not familiar with the “Gold Standard” versions, but used the AAMC full-length tests in addition to my examKrackers study material. I did all of the later AAMC tests from #6 or 7 till the last one. Many (including myself) found AAMC #11 to be the most difficult, and most similar to the “real” MCAT that I took. The real one felt considerably harder, though my score was on par with my last few practice exams.

I found one of the greatest benefits of doing the full lengths all a timed setting (just like the “real” thing) was that it taught me how to pace myself…when do you keep working on a problem, and when do you just say “best guess is x” and move on? If your experience is similar to mine, you will have a reasonable number of questions that you could be CERTAIN of the answer if you spent more time; however, that extra time means that you won’t be able to give other questions the time and attention that they need. Learning to handle the uncertainty was essential for my success when I took the MCAT this past spring.

Good luck!

P.S. Let us know what you think of the Gold Standard tests. I have no reason to think they’re not good, just no experience or even “hearsay” to guide judgment.

Please give me the details about AAMC test how much score is required to crack it and other essential details.

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