Full Sleeve Tattoo

I am currently serving in the military where tattoos are a normal part of the work place. I have a full sleeve on my right arm and a couple other tattoos. They can all be covered by a suit or lab coat, but they will obviously be visible in scrubs. They are not offensive in anyway. How will this affect me when it comes to medical school admissions, residency, and finding a job after residency?

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I am an Air Force Veteran with 2 full sleeves. I’m currently a Physician Assistant and will be applying this year to medical school. Currently I wear my white coat and cover them. However, most places will want them covered unless in surgery-- I’m assuming. When not in the OR you will wear the white coat. I just make sure in scrubs to always wear a long sleeve shirt underneath.

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Non trad premed post a quarter century career in film … tats visible outside the 3/4 sleeve… play to the schools and markets who don’t give a shit. Life is too short.

Good luck!