Full time class load?!?!

I am doing what I can to get into med school I have a 4.0 but am only able to take part time classes. my wife is also a fulltime student so we take turns watching our baby and we both work part time jobs. with all that is on my plate do you think I will be less competitive with other applicants because I can only enroll in 6 credits per semester?? I only have 3 semesters until I graduate. should I stress my home life out just to have a full class schedule??? any experience or personal feedback would be great!


I did not have a full-time course schedule at any time while completing my pre-reqs. I did 20-some years ago while completing my original, non-science, bachelors, but I doubt anyone cares about that. If you are concerned, weave the tale of how you and your wife are splitting work and child care duties and supporting each other’s dreams into part of your personal statement so people will understand why you are doing things this way. Make it beautiful.

That’s excellent advice from Denise. Personally I am only taking 8 credit hours (two hard sciences with labs). If I had to go to 12 (fulltime) I simply could not do it, period. I work full time to support my family and have an 80-mile round trip commute to the University. This is one of the hardest things I’ve done, so I plan to address it in my personal statement to hopefully put it in perspective. Living close to the school, and adding another class or two, but not working, would be half as difficult as what I’m doing.