Full Time/Part Time + work

Is there a potential issue with an app where the coursework has been consistent, with great grades, but not full time except for a semester or two?

Would I be better off starting this way, then transitioning to full time student next year to show I can handle more than 2 or 3 classes per term?

My current plan is to take two or three classes each semester while working full time (which I have to do to support my still minor child and myself) until roughly Fall 2011.

Starting in 2011, I’d be full time student and part time work because my son will have graduated from high school, moved out, and in college.

Then I’d transition back to part time as I study for MCAT and finish 2nd BA.

Thank you for your thoughts…

I hope there’s not an issue, because with the courses I need, there’s no choice but to go part time. Everything I need is a pre req of the next one. I’m combining as many as I can but you can only do that to a certain extent.

I only took 1-2 courses while working full time and I did fine.

You should focus on doing extremely well in your coursework and not obsess on “how it looks to an admissions committee”. Do what you most want to be doing, excel in it, and aim to succeed in all your pursuits.

I am glad to hear that part time course work may not be a negative concern, because I must continue to work full time while I pursue my post-bacc part time!