Full time vs, Part Time

Anyone have any opinions regarding full vs part time status. I work full time 40+ hrs a week, am a father and a husband. Do you think that adcoms will look less favorably on an undergraduate degree completed on a part time basis?

I’m pretty sure they won’t but do you think you could tighten your belt and go down to 32 hrs/week? Over the time period for an undergrad those 8hrs/week can make a huge difference.

My wife and I have been discussing it, but probably not for awhile. We just don’t have the money right now. Our son is only two, as well, so it’ll be another yeat before he even hits preschool.

I have, however, consideered consolidating my shift into four ten hohr days. That third extra day off could really help. Anyway, we’ll see how it pans out.