future coursework and AMCAS

I already registered with AMCAS. I then took additional science classes in a post-bacc program. I’d like these additional classes to be counted as part of my GPA (science and cumulative), so do I just send my new transcripts to AMCAS?
Or does AMCAS NOT accept additional transcripts once you’ve already registered with them? I did very well in my additional classes and hope AMCAS will re-calcullate my GPA to include them.
On AMCAS’s website it says to send transcripts to the Med Schools directly if you take additional classes after your registration, but that worries me since the Medical Schools will not see my new and higher GPA. Has anyone had a similar experience?

I don’t understand the timing here. When did you submit your AMCAS? What start year are you applying for?
If you applied with the intent of starting in 2004, then you would definitely need to send any additional grades to the individual schools to which you’ve applied - you can’t update AMCAS at this late date.

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