Gap Year Advice Please - low science GPA, limited EC + research

Hello everyone, I graduated from UCLA this Friday and just joined this forum yesterday! I feel a bit weird listing stuff I’ve done but I’m including these details because I would like some advice/thoughts on what to do during my gap years to become a stronger applicant:

  • Neuroscience major with a humanities minor
  • overall cumulative GPA: 3.511 , science GPA: 3.113 --> rough sophomore year but have had upward trend since
    (not sure what exact non-science GPA is but I’ve only gotten one B+ and the other grades are A’s for non-science courses)
  • have ~ 400 hours of clinical volunteering (started in high school)
  • honestly just had 2 main extracurriculars I was pretty involved with during undergrad, 1 year leadership position with one of them
  • only one year as research assistant (tasks limited to translating and transcribing interviews English <–> Spanish)
  • will work as medical scribe for the next 1.5 years
  • haven’t taken the MCAT yet, was planning on shadowing doctors after graduating but COVID-19 kind of threw the plan off :pensive:

I know my science GPA is not competitive and even though I’ve had an upward trend and performed better in upper division courses I’m not sure if I should do an informal post-bacc at community college to raise my sGPA, do a formal post-bacc, or just “rely” on a high MCAT score to avoid taking additional courses?? I wanted to take a few classes to get stronger letters of rec ( I feel like I didn’t really get to know my science profs as well as I would’ve liked to) but not sure if formal vs informal program was the way to go? I know these posts can get repetitive so thank you for reading and thank you Dr. Gray for creating this forum!