Gap Year Process

Afternoon members,

There are several timelines available for understanding the med school application process. I am graduating next spring from undergrad, and am doing a gap year. Can anyone supply me with a sufficient time line for applying to med school for someone who is taking a gap year?

Much Appreciated

If you’re taking a gap year, you need to apply at the same time you graduate, so if you’re graduating in spring of 2017, you’ll be applying to enter med school in the fall of 2018. You can typically submit your application in early June, and you should have everything in line by then (especially if you start preparing now). Be sure to take into account: preparation and taking the MCAT, getting letters of recommendation from your professors and pre-med committee and writing your personal statement. All of those activities can take up significant amounts of time, so start early, and be ready to submit your application as soon as they open.