General Admissions Question

I have been working in healthcare since 2016 while in the Air Force. I was an EMT-P who while working in the hospital was also tasked with admin work like coding and scheduling as well as nursing tasks like triage and admitting patients and charting, I currently am practicing as a critical care paramedic. I have a lot of leadership experience on top of all of that while active duty and with my current position. Currently none of my Paramedic/Air Force credits are really accepted at my college (over 100 credits) so the time since having these experiences will be longer for when I apply. Does this look bad on a Medical School Application since the experiences are older? Also I know that those count as clinical and leadership experiences so I feel good about those but I have little to no research since it isn’t something that interests me. Does the lack of research raise a red flag? I still have two years before I plan on applying so I can always devote extra time if needed.

Hello BSweed,

You’ll be fine, depending on the schools where you choose to apply. Pre-med Collaborative is a service that can assist you with your entire pre-med journey from advising, application assistance, mock interviews, etc. Take a look at our Instagram page @premed_collab and feel free to send us a message. Our website is