General Application and Admission Question

Is it possible as a nontraditional applicant to take the MCAT in August 2005 with two of the prereqs not completed and still apply and be accepted in Dec./Jan. time frame to start in August 2006? I understand that it is difficult to do well on the MCAT without all prereqs done but my question is more on the lines of timing and how applications are considered when you may have one or two classes left. I think that the school requires them to be completed before matriculation and not before applying but Im not sure. Thanks everyone for their help!

Pre-reqs need to be completed prior to matriculation but again the question is why put yourself in this situation? the pre-reqs are necessary for the MCAT. Not having completed two of them may raise flags in the eyes of adcoms…specially if you end up with a mediocre MCAT score.

It is true that medical schools state that prerequisites must be completed prior to matriculation, but if you do not have those grades available when your application is considered, you are putting yourself at a HUGE disadvantage, even if all your other grades and scores are good.
Remember that you are competing against students who WILL have done all their prereqs, WILL have gotten good grades in them, and WILL have gotten decent MCAT scores. By submitting what is essentially an “incomplete” (though technically acceptable) application, you are making it far too easy for schools to just reject you. Even if you have an amazingly good application in every other way, the fact remains that your competition is people with amazingly good applications in every way, including completed prerequsites.
This is totally aside from the fact that doing well on the MCAT without completing the prerequisites is difficult, to say the least.
This question is similar to one that comes up occasionally when people find med school websites that state “90 credits required” or “bachelor’s degree preferred.” The truth is that while yes, there are a few folks out there who’ve gotten into med school without a bachelor’s degree, it’s so rare and the people involved are SO special and unique that it is pointless to think of that as a goal.
You are trying to save a year - well, we can all understand that. But what this plan does is actually wastes a year (and a bunch of $$) because if you apply with those things missing, you’ll waste time and money on applications instead of just completing prerequisites, and you’ll have to apply again. Sorry, I know that is harsh and it’s not what you want to hear. Med school admissions is a competitive process - why would you PLAN to submit a less competitive application??