General Chem Review

I took general chem and organic chem 20 years ago. Currently I am taking precalc 1&2 for review. I have talked to some of the medical schools that I am interested in. I have been told to take Chem 2 or audit Chem 1 and take Chem 2. I will take the orgo sequence because there is no way I remember that.
My question is what resources should I use for review for Chem 1? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The Kaplan MCAT book was a great reference for things covered in Gen Chem. Plus you will have to buy the book for gen chem II so you could review the first 15 or so chapters on your own.
I would suggest you audit the class or retake it though. You need a good foundation to start with when taking your chemistry classes, especially since those classes were taken so long ago.
I had my English credits from high school 20 years ago counted as prereqs, but do they count science courses from that long ago?

The Examkracker series is nice (the review books not the 1001 questions).