General GPA ?

I have a question about MD schools and GPAs:

How do MD schools look at cumulative science GPA for science majors vs. non majors and those who apply to med school after just doing a postbacc just to get the premed requirements?

I am a Bio major (never got a degree in my first years in and out of college) and expect to do very well in all my courses, of course! But, let’s just say I take a higher level Biochem course and get a less than stellar grade, maybe a B or C, or for argument’s sake let’s say I take two higher level classes with only so-so grades, do med schools look at the overall picture or just glance at the cumulative? I would think that someone with a larger # of BCMP classes overall would be looked at differently then say, an English major who just took the basic med school requirements(nothing wrong w/ that by the way!!)

Further to this, the main school I have my eye on does not require Calculus, but I am taking it because I am a Bio major and want it to get my BS instead of BA and to keep options open for other schools as many med schools do require it. That being said, the cumulative BCMP gpa will include Calculus whether or not the school I apply to requires it. So, again, I wonder do MD schools really scrutinize GPA’s at the outset or do they see a number, either like it or not and then move forward to analyze the big picture only if they like that #? In other words, if my GPA ends up being a hair shy of some “magic” # is it possible an MD school wouldn’t even look any further? I’m doing very well right now, getting an A in both Bio and Chem right now and have all A’s in other BCMP courses taken thus far, but I’m curious how this whole “thing” really works in the event I have a slip or take a super tough high level course and don’t get my usual A.

Thanks for any input!


Can I suggest that you are getting into a neurotic FUD about potential slips and not an actual problem

Schools get several thousand applications for a hundred or so spots. So having at least a basic cut-off of GPA and MCAT is likely required by medical schools. However, after that point they likely investigate further. However, how much weight to what courses in comparison to other applicants of varied background likely differs greatly from school to school and indeed year to year as the dynamic of the applicant pool and the admissions committee changes.

So dont stress and FUD on something you cant know or change. Use your energy to do as well as you can

Thanks for putting my feet back on the ground, Richard. I read other posts about the issues others are facing and find myself getting completely worked up over unknowns! Thanks for setting me straight and reminding me to just keep working hard.

FUD stinks!

FUD… Just Say No!

Now get in there and study!