General Questions from Newbie-- PLEASE HELP!

Hello All,

Pleae allow me to apologize beforehand for the length of this post. I am new to this forum (though I have read and enjoyed a few posts before completely ‘registering’).

I have what I’m sure is more typical dilemma than I realize:

Here’s my situation:

I am currently in a [rather successful] arts administration career (for the last 6-7 years). I am a clasically trained musician who was forced from performing (and a professional residency) by the neuro-muscular disorder Focal Dystonia. No wind/brass musician (I’m a tuba player) is known to have recovered from this disorder to date. My neurologist has told me that I will probably never play again, and if I do, that it will almost certainly not be at the level I had been accustomed to before developing the disorder.

Because of my knowledge and training I, naturally, gravitated to the artistic administration side of ‘the business’. I felt I needed (in some way) to be around music and the ‘creative process’. Imagine my surprise (and dismay quite frankly) when (just last year) I began to realize that being in artistic administration wasn’t REALLY satisfying me… not nearly in the way that being a performer and applied teacher had… That was a hard truth I hated admitting to myself-- with all of the extensive training I have undergone in music I felt I had ‘cheated’ or betrayed music somehow…

I began to step back and truly ask myself some tough questions, and I realized that I love to do something that can directly and immediately contribute to and impact a person’s life and well-being. At the same time I need something that will challenge me to be the best “me” I could be-- something that would stimulate my intellect and thirst for knowledge and skills, but that would also allow me to potentially affect people’s lives in the way that I want.

I have always had a very strong interest in medicine and a deep respect for the work that doctors do. So I began doing a little (a lot, actually)research into the possibility of ‘changing direction’ at this stage-- just to explore whether it is possible and/or feasable for me to pursue medicine as an education and career.

I think I have done about as much research as I can do (up to this point). Now, I wanted to come to this forum and get some ideas (or possibly encouragement??) on whether or not this is a feasability for me. I would appreciate any feedback (good, bad, or neutral) any of you might have for me.

Here’s my story:

I graduated from Louisiana State University (1998) with degrees in Music Performance. Admittedly, I was a, smart, but VERY immature student who cared nothing about school beyond my applied musical training (I was on a full scholarship and living stipend to attend-- which I think I used as an excuse to be even more laxed as I had a free education). As such, I exerted minimal effort in anything outside of music-- and my undergraduate grades reflect this (cumulative 2.4 GPA). Now 30yo, and having worked and lived in the “real world” I can honestly say that I now fully realize and appreciate the value of education both in the classroom and beyond the classroom. I fear, however, that my nonchalant approach as a student will seriously hinder or permanently derail any hopes of taking on this medical path… and I’m starting to freak myself out just a bit as I begin to realize the type of committment and responsibility this journey will require. I now feel that I am truly ready, but unsure, with my academic history, that I can make this a reality.

I have researched careers as a PA, nurse, and doctor, and am really drawn to the work, responsibility, and knowledge base of Doctors. I feel, of the three, it’s the career that most resonates with me. I have also researched post baccalaureate programs and really like the program at CUNY/Hunter College (as I currently reside in New York City). I would need to be in the post bac program for roughly 4-5 semesters to satisfy science requirements.

My question, now that all I have left to do is begin, is: Given my story, would this be a possible/realistic choice for me? Or am I (as they say) drinking a little too much Kool-aid? I am certainly willing and ready to work as hard as I have to-- I would just like to hear from those ‘in the know’ or those who are currently on this journey and had similar beginnings to my own.

Forgive me for such a long post. I thank you for reading and look forward to any help, advice, and stories you wish to share. Take care all.


Hi Adrian,

First, Welcome!

Second, you will find that on this forum that there are many who are working on correcting a less than impressive GPA.

I’m sure that you will find many of those who have been where you are and have succeeded into getting into med school who will help you.


Welcome, Adrian! Don’t sell yourself short. It’s very clear that you’ve put a lot of thought into this - and you seem well able to articulate it, which is important as well.

With your academic history - similar to mine, and our esteemed OldManDave - earning admission to med school will be neither easy nor impossible.

Wish you the best, and please keep us updated . Can you make the conference in June?

Thank you both for your responses. They are very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to make it to the conference this summer. I am really disappointed, too, as I read the topics for the upcomming conference, and they seem to speak directly to me-- the conference topics are actually what convinced me to investigate this site/forum more in-depth. Seems like an awesome resource and support to have available, and I will definitely plan to attend future conferences.

Hope you have a good time should you be attending.