general shadowing question

Since finding this WONDERFUL resource, I have read many posts about shadowing (mostly about finding MD’s or DO’s to shadow with).
My question: How important is shadowing with a MD to the medical schools? Is shadowing primarily for people without health care experience?
I have been an EMT for six years (volunteer 911, paid 911, and now private EMS), so I am curious as to whether I need to find time to shadow a physician.

I did shadow a pediatric oncologist, but it was for my curiousity and not for my application. In fact I never even included this shadowing on my application. I did it for 2 months.
With you experiences I wouldn’t think you need to shadow unless you really want to or unless you are applying to a DO school that requires a DO letter. Although to get my DO letter, all I had to do was meet with a DO for a 45 minute interview and he wrote my LOR from that meeting. I had faxed him my PS so he knew all about me before we met.