genetics advice

I really do not know what it is that I’m doing wrong. Other than detailed genetics problems, I have a great deal of base knowledge for genetics of the general biology level. I go to some of the online genetics problems, and get them right about 90% of the time. The terms and orientation, pathways of elongation, etc. I have this stuff down.
I bomb the tests in class though and starting the real class, we had a review test about the general biology level of information to see where everyone was. I got a 58. The only score above 75 was a 78, so this helps my ego a minimal amount. Needless to say, this prof. ALWAYS makes things much harder than they are or need to be (in his wording of the questions for example).
Does anyone have any tips on how to study for genetics or good web tutorials/problems, etc.?
Any advice welcome!!!

First off, don’t count yourself out yet. For many people the first test is the worst regardless of whether it’s the “easy” material or not because they aren’t used to the prof’s style of exams. Now that you know what this prof’s exams are like you’ll have a better idea of how to study for his exams. Try not to psych yourself out when he’s wording questions trickier than they need to be. Just try to get to the base of what he’s asking and put in as much detail as you can (assuming it’s not MC or T/F lol). If the question is completely unclear make sure you ask him what he’s asking. He may not help but sometimes if you ask if a prof can say the question in a slightly different way they’ll give you a good hint.
As for websites I really like Then click on the Genetics: A Molecular Perspective book (the authors have several different books so you can explore some of their other genetics books to see which one will help the most). It has problems, tutorials, web links, all divided by chapter topics.
Good luck!
–Jessica, UCCS