genetics, embryology and evolution

These are the aspects of the courses that are different between my cc and the 4 year I am transferring to. Bio 1 at cc did not cover these, as she teaches an entire class on genetics/embryology alone and she barely brushed on evolution except to say “it happens. deal with it”.

These topics were all covered in Bio 1 at LVC so now I need to brush up and teach some of the material to myself before Bio 2 starts up as it will be assumed I learned this material already. Any hints as to where I should go for some of this information? I’ll obviously read the genetics and evolution units in my text book, but I don’t recall an embryology unit in it and both colleges use the same book. I just want to make sure I’ve got my bases covered.

Once I see the chemistry syllabus, I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions as to how to catch up on what I’m missing, but for now that’s all I need.

On a plus note, we did plant systems at cc. in bio 1. That’s a bio 2 thing here, so it will be more like review for me, which will be nice.

Stay motivated boobs!!

Don’t have direct answers, but one comment:

Is Bio2 required for the degree you’re pursuing at this new school (or a prereq for anything else)? If not, and it’s all plant-focused, you may want to take a different bio course instead. Generally speaking, schools don’t require Bio1/2, especially if Bio2 is planty (as it is at a lot of places). For instance, I took Bio1 and fulfilled the 2nd course requirement with anatomy or Neurobio or some such.

I think it’s a pre req to all their other bios.

They actually do a lot of other things as well, it’s just that two chapters of the textbook (plants and fungus) are covered at different times. Apparently, there is a lot of dissection in this bio2 though so that will help with basic anatomy even if it isn’t human.

The school I went for undergrad had bio1/ bio2 sequence for non-science majors. People majoring in sciences/ or doing their pre-med prerequisites were encouraged to take ‘cell biology’ that was a requirement for all other higher level biology classes. So check again if this class you are thinking about is a prerequisite for other classes. If not, I think you would be better off taking some class that focuses more on biology of the cell than disection. Or maybe try talking to an advisor - not necessary pre-med advisor. Just somebody in bio department would be good too.

Hmmm, It’s worth a shot right?

I figured I’d take histology or something later anyway but it can’t hurt to ask.

The school I did my pre-reqs at had a Bio1/2 sequence that wasn’t up to spec because of a lacking lab component in Bio2. After a lot of looking around and inquiring, I found out it doesn’t really matter what bio you take, as long as there are two.

I opted for Bio1, then Cell & Molecular bio, then added a Histology just for the fun.

Given the choice, I would do the exact same thing over again.

I did talk with the biology director. Students the MUST take both parts of the sequence to gain access to the other biologies. I’m alright with that. I will just take another more directed course this summer I think.