Genetics or Cellular Biology

Greetings Forum,

My first post on oldpremeds. Thank you for what you guys do, this site has given me hope.

I had a quick question from students that have already went through the process.

I have completed my prerequisite courses for medical school. I am completing a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. I starting my senior year next term.

To finish my degree at this institution, I need 3 additional courses in the chemistry and biology field to finish up, aside from Advance Biochem, Molecular and senior seminar.

At this point I just want to finish up and take the easiest courses to get out without a fight. Therefore I was going to take a 306 Genetics course, a 342 Biostats course and a 312 Animal Phys course.

A few of my peers are taking the 360 cellular bio course which is one of hardest courses in the program. Their motivation is that it will look good on their transcript when applying for med school.

So the question to the medical student forum; what are your thoughts on this, should I stick to my plan and take the easy road, or do I push it to the limit and take the hardest courses as the experience will help me in the long run?




I have to choose by the morning, so I have chosen Cell bio.

I seen it on a few medical schools as a supplemental course for prerequisites. I know the work load will still pale in comparison to medical school, I was just hoping to get some feed back to see if the undergraduate courses gave them a better understanding of the material.



Biochem and Physio are much harder (at least at my school) than Cell Bio and Genetics. So in retrospect, Animal Physiology would have been my choice.

But in the end, any course you will take will help a bit. But don’t expect that it will help a lot. In Med School, it is not so much the difficulty. I think anyone can understand the topics. It is more the volume. So you have to work almost all the time that you can spare…

Best or luck.