Georgetown Pre-Bacc-- did I make a huge mistake?

I graduated from college in '08, and after finally getting a medical issue under control I’ve got the time and energy to pick my pre-med back up. Exciting, right? Nothing better than getting a re-do.

Since I live in DC, I chose to apply to and was accepted by Georgetown. I considered the UVM program, especially, but wanted to stay where my support network was.

Long story short (and to quote Job Bluth): I think I made a huge mistake.

Georgetown seemed to have the best “name” in DC, but it’s been godawful at getting back to me. Since being accepted in December no one has returned my calls or emails, and last week I finally received a note from the dean telling me to register for Chemistry this summer. I chose a formal program to give me the best shot at med school, expecting advising and a tailored program, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Before I shell out the tuition (which, again, they haven’t told me, but I’m guessing it’s the price of a reasonable new car), I’d love to hear from some alums (alas, my request to have Georgetown put me in touch with them has gone unanswered). I’m ok being my own academic advocate, but

I don’t want two years of uphill battles for the price.


Sorry to hear the story. I understand your concern. Sometimes, the best programs are run by the most arrogant people (i.e. Harvard doesn’t go out of its way to impress students they interview, type in harvard med girl in google and read her blog).

I don’t know for that program. If it has great reputation, somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if they acted a bit arrogantly. Why don’t you go directly and talk to these folks, to make sure that everything is alright. Even better, go and catch some current students.

Good luck and let us know.

which of the Georgetownpost-bacc’s did you apply? The regular or the Special Masters? There are other schools in the DC area, both on the Maryland and Virgina side with programs that members of OPM have attended and moved on to med school.

The regular program, not the special masters. I know there are a couple other programs in the area, but I’m not sure if any would be better…? I know there is an ongoing debate about the importance of academic reputation, and I’m not sure what I believe. I’m open to switching, but I’d want to be sure the switch was worth it.

I don’t have experience with Georgetown, but had a similar, although not quite so negative, first impression from my postbacc. I went in w pretty low expectations, figuring that I was paying for the name on my transcript, and the peace of mind of knowing classes would not be full or canceled, and I came away very satisfied. From what I have heard only the cadillac postbacc programs such as BM and Scripps really excel in the support and advising area. So you might need to just suck it up and get ready to do battle on your own, or if its not worth the price tag for the name recognition and a seat in whatever class you need, perhaps switch to a cheaper DIY postbacc at a state school.

I think it’s important to take your pre-reqs at a university and not a community college. All things being equal, a bigger-name university is kind of better, but you have to consider price, convenience, service, and availability of classes before you declare all things to be equal. Check into those options before you commit the big bucks.

I’m in a formal postbach at the moment as well and the administration is terrible at communicating everything. At this point i just go by what my classmates find out or say.

(and by pre-bacc, i meant post-bacc pre-med. this is what happens when i rush things between stuff at work!)

lucifer-- would you do the program again?

Well, my post-bacc I’m in is a part time evening postbach of the pre-med courses, and it was my only decent option of being able to take pre-med classes while keeping my fulltime job.

That being said…if I could do things all over again i strongly feel I should have just left my job ( i was always in a financial position to do this, but i had fears of leaving my career) and become a fulltime student again and I definitely would have taken classes on my own instead of doing a formal post-bach only because it costs less money. I feel this way because the stresses of my job have been affecting the way I study lately. My issue is more my job than the administration of my pre-med postbach. If I bug the administration enough at school I noticed I get the answers I want…but its always me who has to do all the legwork to figure out whats going on. They may not be great at communicating but when you lock them down they answer your questions quick

I just read your original post again, and the same thing happened to me with my program. After I got accepted I heard nothing afterwards for weeks. I too thought something strange was going on at the time.

I kept making phone calls and kept sending emails until they finally contacted me and the directors personal assistant took the time to answer all of my questions over the phone. Try doing some google searches about what others have said about your program. After classes finally started for the first time things were much more smooth. I do like my teachers who grade fair as well (except for our lousy TA, but he will be gone after this semester hehe).

Initially i had doubts about the program before it actually started due to terrible communication, but it got better…for other reasons. Communication is still a weak point for them.


I am brand new to the area and am seeking admission to Georgetown’s post-bac program. Have you had any positive experiences with them?


I just saw your post and I am a bit worried. I just found out that I got admitted to the Georgetown post bacc as well. (I am about 5 years out of college and have in the meantime have done a masters and gone to law school). Have you started any of it yet? Had you done the math requirement? I emailed them to ask about the math requirement and all I got was a form email telling me to look at their FAQs which does not answer my question.

Nope…I start June 9. I’m worried about the program-- I’ve read very few positive things, and the administration has been non-responsive–, but as I don’t want to leave DC,I’m going to give it a summer. If it’s really awful, I guess I’ll weigh my options this fall…

I don’t have the math requirement either, so that’s also something I’ll have to cross off the list.

As an advisor in the DC area, I wanted to point out the following wiki I have set up about postbac programs in the region:… from my website .