Getting a B in post bacc Chem 1

I am likely getting a B+ in Chem 1, and I’m super concerned. Will this be seen very poorly by schools? My undergrad GPA is fine I think, 3.7, and I have unique experiences, but I know you’re expected to ace your classes in your post bacc. I just feel disappointed and don’t know what to do.

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Don’t hyperfocus on one class. Med schools don’t go “Ah he/she got a B+ in Gen Chem 1, they aren’t gonna make it in our curriculum.” That would be insane. There are a ton of people who have had Cs in certain classes like Gen Chem or Orgo that end up in med school.

Hone your study habits over time and maintain a good overall/science GPA and you’ll be fine.

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For gen chem 1, I got a B in lec and A- in lab, which is a B+ total. B’s are good, as long as they don’t hurt your GPA. I personally hate that there seems to be so much stigma around B’s, especially for non-trads and those in post-baccs as career changers without science degrees