Getting Clinical Experience?

I am having difficulty trying to find clinical experience that is more substantial. I have volunteered in different hospitals but have been told I need more clinical experience. I have tried applying for scribe positions but have not gotten any responses. I have also tried applying for medical assistant position but have not gotten any responses. I live in northern California and wanted to ask if anyone could share advice or alternative ways of getting clinical experience.

Have you tired hospice? It seems they always need volunteer, but the work can be tough.

I suggest hospice as well - something about a law Reagan passed that requires Medicare-funded hospices to have at least 5% of workforce be volunteers or something like that. So they always need volunteers. Another option if you have savings and able to go full-time for 8-12 weeks, you could attend certified nursing assistant (CNA) school and then get paid clinical experience - depending on the job market.

Thanks! Will try to look into that.

Have you tried the VA Hospitals?