Getting excited again

I just turned in my 2007 AMCAS-- am taking a different tack this year and applying Early Decision. As you know it requires commitment to only one school and will be resolved (or tabled into the school year) by Oct. 1. After a downer of a summer, it’s great to have things to look forward to again. I am going to keep the list of schools (list of one) to myself as a little lucky secret, but you will know WHEN I GET ADMITTED!!

For those with scorecards at home, I am still on waitlists at Stony Brook and Mt. Sinai for 2006. But the 2007 was coming due so I couldn’t wait any longer to put one foot in both years.

Best wishes to EVERYONE who is applying this year,


Best wishes to you, Matt! I know the ED decision is a hard one to make, but when it rolls your way, it sure feels good to be settled by Oct. 1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Good luck! It’s gonna be an awesome celebration WHEN that acceptance comes in!

So far, the Plan has worked. I submitted AMCAS Early Decision to the school (which I still keep as a good-luck secret). They directed me to their Secondary-- I filled it out and wrote the little essays. Sent it in with my $95, and called over and over again to schedule the interview-- it had to be in a two-week span, between the launch of interviews Sept. 18 and (of course) the Early Decision deadline of Oct. 1. They granted me an interview and I flew into town the Friday night before Monday’s interview. Had some mystical experiences (randomly ran into three students in the MD program on the weekend before the interview!) and then interviewed Monday. They seem to really like me!

I will PROBABLY know the results a week from today, because the committee votes Tuesday, Oct. 3. We all know the Murphy’s Law aspects to applying to med school, so it’s all kind of unreal how fast and successfully this is going so far.

I am NOT in New York right now, but São Paulo. This is a big reason why I gave myself a weekend to chill out before the interview-- the flight back and forth to SP is 11 hours, totally exhausting. Will be here on business through May or thereabouts. If anyone feels like a pass through Brazil, they should feel free to email me!


Oh Matt, I am really pulling for you and will be holding my breath to hear good news next week. Yours was one of the more mystifying stories of the vagaries of med school admissions - OK I’ve never met you but you really seem like a great guy and a thoughtful person, just the sort of person who’ll make a terrific doctor and who should get grabbed forthwith by adcoms. Well, there’s a reason for everything and maybe it was to steer you in this particular path so that it all works out for the best.


Matt! I pulling for you too. Hang in there and watch yourself in Brazil…ya might never want to come back.

If I weren’t right in the middle of school, I’d be half-tempted to yake you up on that. I haven’t been to SP for a few years, but I’ve been wanting to go back since the last time I left. Go check out Via Olimpia if you get the chance! :wink: