getting into a post-bac program w/ a low u.g gpa

I graduated college with a 2.4 gpa. I was immature and not ready for college. I’m regretting now. Any advice on how to get into a post bac program with a low undergraduate GPA? or even into another bachelors program? I’m willing to do whatever it takes!!! I live in Boston but most post-bac programs require a minimum of a 3.0 -3.3 gpa.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but being in a formal post-bac program is great, but not necessary. I was rejected from a post-bac program, so I did a post-bac on my own and was accepted into three schools. Don’t let this stop you as the adcoms simply want to see good solid improvement.
Good luck.

I guess ignorance is bliss – I didn’t even know there were formal post-bac programs for premed, unless you are talking about a formal (FORMAL) master’s progam in science…
I had a 20 y/o GPA of 2.7 (ish) that I completed when I was 20 years old (did not give much thought to GPA at the time, just wanted to finish the degree.)
When I decided to return to school, found out what I needed (about 40 hours in bio and chem, plus a few “fluff” courses) and took those at whatever school was offering them in the area, whenever I could fit them in. The local jr. college was great for the “fluff” and the intro classes (some of the adjuncts were far superiour to some of the old-timers at the prestigious schools.) At the private schools, the summer and night courses were discounted for part-time students… so it was much cheaper than had I enrolled full time at any one college.
I completed this spring w/ an almost 4.0 – the one old-timer just could not, would not see his way clear to giving me an “A” – I guess he did not like me sending him the correct info to upgrade his outdated info But, I enjoyed the class non-the-less (And, deep down in his heart, I know he liked me too )
Good luck.
BTW, my overall GPA did rise to barely over the required GPA for admission – but I was told beforehand that given the age of the old GPA, they would look at the new grades first…and boy did I work for them!

Which programs have you looked at? Tufts? Brandeis? Harvard Extension? UMass?

I’ve looked at Tufts, BU, NE, and HES. Every school, except Tufts allows you to take courses, however in order to receive a Pre-medical Certificate and be able to use their pre-med counseling svcs you need to have at least a 3.0-3.3 undergraduate gpa. My plan is to take one course in the fall maybe two in the spring and then try to apply to the “certificate program.”

I don’t know about all of them, but at Harvard Extension, they have recommended credit hours depending on your undergrad GPA… look at this link from last year; Health Careers Program at HES I am taking a couple classes and then I plan to apply to the official program. Hope this helps, you can always do a la carte, I had a great conversation with a UMASS Lowell med school advisor a few years ago. He was very encouraging, and I think if you performed well in the Mass system, you could get the good letters you need…